SportsMed Podiatry | Sports Podiatry Gold Coast
We are a leading running and sports Podiatry practice on the Gold Coast which provides the best treatment for running injuries of the feet.
Sports Podiatry Gold Coast, Physiotherapy, Running Podiatry
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SportsMed Podiatry

We are located within some of Gold Coast’s leading Physiotherapy and Sports Medicine Clinics at Bilinga, Burleigh Heads, Broadbeach & Mermaid Waters.


If you want Sports Experience, Quality Outcomes, Latest in Treatment protocols and Technology then SportsMed Podiatry is for you.


We focus on the Prevention, Treatment, Management and Quality Outcomes of Running conditions of the feet and the lower limb.


Working within Physiotherapy and Sports Medicine Clinics allows us to have a close working relationship with similar sports minded health practitioners whose primary goal is getting you back to your chosen activity/activities as soon as possible

Latest Posts
  • What is a Tarsal Coalition and how can it affect a Runner’s foot?

    A tarsal coalition is where two or more bones within the mid-foot and/or rear-foot are joined together.  The connection can be either osseous (bone), cartilaginous or fibrous.  90% of tarsal coalitions are either talocalcaneal (intra-articular) or calcaneonavicular (extra-articular) (Franson & Baravarian, 2004).  They can cause......

  • The contribution of the feet to patello-femoral knee pain

    Knee pain is the most common lower limb overuse injuries of the lower limb (Hutchison et al, 2015).  In particular patello-femoral knee pain (PFP) is a very common knee overuse injury which affects up to 25% of active individuals (Molgaard et al., 2017).  PFP can......

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