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60 minute Initial Sports Podiatry Assessments

We have found the worst feeling after coming out of any initial assessment is that it was rushed and the practitioner was trying to get you out the door for the next in line.  Consequently you can leave confused about what is exactly going on and feel like little was achieved treatment and planning wise.


For exactly those reasons we have learnt through experience the only way to do Initial Sports Podiatry Assessments properly is to spend a full 60 minutes with you.


It takes time to get to know your unique requirements, your goals, take a thorough injury history, discover as many of the potential contributing factors as possible, clearly explain this to you and then implement the right treatment plan to get you back to what you love as soon as possible.  Not to mentioned time for us to start completing a 2-4 page assessment report (if applicable) summarising everything we have assessed and discussed including diagnosis, contributing factors, approximate time frame for recovery and the treatment plan.


The ADDED VALUE you will get out of our 60 minute Initial Sports Podiatry Assessments is a combination of the following depending on what exactly we are looking at for you:


  1. Initial Sport Podiatry Assessment report via email
  2. Correspondence to GP or referring practitioner if applicable 
  3. Video Gait analysis via free phone application
  4. Anatomy Diagram with diagnosis via email
  5. Exercise prescription via free phone application
  6. Communication ecosystem including hotline – contact support between consults


For further information about the 60 minute Initial Sports Podiatry Assessment please contact your closest clinic and ask to speak to the Podiatrist directly.  Contact links are below:




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