SportsMed Podiatry | Diagnosis of Running and Sports Injuries
One of our specialities is correctly diagnosing your foot or lower limb running injury and linking all of the potential contributing factors to your pathology.
Sports Injuries, Running Injuries, Shockwave Therapy, Ultrasound, MRI
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Diagnosis of Running Foot & Lower Leg Injuries

Our speciality is diagnosing your running foot injury and linking all of the potential contributing factors to your pathology.


To make sure we understand you as an injured runner or athlete we spend up to 60 minutes with you during your Initial consultation.  The following are some of the areas we cover during your comprehensive consultation:


  1. A thorough patient history
  2. Listing of all your symptoms and when they are worse
  3. Discussion of your goals e.g. a running event you might be working towards
  4. Clearly identifying and explaining the affected anatomy using aids such as foot models and iPad apps
  5.  Performing of a bio-mechanical assessment and slow motion video running gait analysis.  This video is sent to you via an iOS or Android free application for your viewing and records
  6. An analysis of the slow motion video to explain to you the possible gait abnormalities that may or may not be contributing factors to your running injury
  7. A clearly outlined patient treatment plan given to you in a folder which also outlines your diagnosis, contributing factors, interventions and approximate time frames to recovery
  8. A recommendation of the correct Running shoes based off the slow motion video running gait analysis
  9. A written referral for any scans that may be needed to clearly define your diagnosis


To obtain a clear diagnosis we often need to order an X-Ray, Ultra-sound, an MRI and/or Bone Scan during this first consultation.  This gives us clarity as a practitioner on what is required to return you to running as soon as possible.