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About SportsMed Podiatry Orthotics

If possible we will avoid placing you into Custom Foot Orthotics.


It is not that we do not provide a good product but more so that in a lot of cases by offloading with taping and padding, getting your running shoe formula correct and promoting stronger feet this will be enough to solve your foot pain and decrease the chance of it returning.


If previous treatments have failed and/or you have had re-occurrences of the same issue over and over again despite your best efforts with maintenance, then that is when we may need to tick the boxes and look at correcting your running foot biomechanics if we have identified a fault.


If you do need to go down this line then our process for making your Soft, Flexible Running Orthotics starts with taking a 3D image of your foot using a 3D Scanner or by taking an impression of your feet using a Foam Box which is then 3D scanned.   An accurate impression is important to help offload certain soft tissue structures and to help re-align your feet into a stronger, comfortable, biomechanically more efficient position.


The 3D image on the computer is then used in combination with biomechanical measurements taken during your consultation to design your device/s.   The end design is then either machine milled or 3D printed and checked for quality assurance by both the lab and the Podiatrist.  Only quality materials are used to ensure you have the correct support, comfort and longevity of your device.


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