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Rehabilitation Ecosystem

We have created an environment where practitioner and patient communication is as efficient and easy as possible during your rehabilitation period.  This involves the use of innovative software as well as the good old fashion mediums of email and phone calls.


Track Active Software and Mobile Application


This handy software (free for patients) allows us to not only send you your rehabilitation exercises to your mobile phone but it also allows us to track your progression along the course of your treatment.  This is done by you recording your pain levels or symptoms levels on a daily basis after you have completed your exercise routine.  We then receive your levels via a graph during the consultation which we can assess and in combination with comments you may have left during the past period we are then able to make more informed decisions about how your treatment is progressing.


For example if everything is going well and symptoms/pain levels are decreasing then we may look at advancing your exercises.  If you flat line (as viewed on the graph) for a certain period then we may need to change tact and look at ordering a further investigation via an xray, MRI or ultrasound.  Another course of action may involve referring you a sports physician or orthopaedic surgeon we work closely with to see what medical options are potentially available to help with your rehabilitation.


Communication Mediums


We find the easier it is for our patients to be able to communicate with us the better we are able to guide them through any problems they may be having during their rehabilitation period.  That is why we have broken down the potential barriers by making ourselves directly contactable during the working week to answer any of your questions.  For example if we are treating you on a weekly basis and your pain levels increase 5 days out from your next treatment we need to hear about it so we can take the appropriate steps.  This may involve asking you to come in earlier to assess and treat you or it may be to re-assure you that what you are experiencing is a normal part of your rehabilitation.


This process and your communication to us is vital for best patient outcomes and trying to get you back to what you love as soon as possible.


Communication from you is either via email, text or direct mobile phone call.  We will usually send you an email welcoming you to our ecosystem which starts the process off and provides you with the details you require.


Communication Aftercare


Just because we have got you back to what you love doing that doesn’t mean we are not going to check up on you or you can not contact us if you run into problems.  We have a series of emails that will prompt you to contact us if you are having any problems in the months following your last treatment with us.  We are passionate about looking after our patients and we are here for you to answer your questions and help you with any foot and lower limb problems you may be having.