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Our Sports Podiatrists are located on the Gold Coast within leading Physiotherapy and Sports Medicine Clinics and are the best equipped to solve you pain.
Sports Podiatrist Gold Coast, Physiotherapy, Sports Medicine Clinics
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SportsMed Podiatry



Our five main objectives in treating you are:


1. To understanding you as a Runner – by listening to your needs and goals.


2. To get you back Running Pain Free as soon as possible – by correctly and thoroughly diagnosing, educating, implementing and planning.


3. To make you Stronger – to prevent another injury so you can run for longer, more often and faster.


4. To find your Running Shoe Formula – to prevent  another injury so you can run for longer, more often and faster.


5. To allow you to Have More Fun – no body enjoys being injured!  By staying injury free you will have more run being able to run more often.


To start to achieve these objectives for you we ideally spend 1 hour during your initial consultation.


The following are some of the areas that are covered during this time:


  1. A thorough patient history
  2. Listing of all your symptoms and when they are worse
  3. Discussing of your goals e.g. a running event you might be working towards
  4. Clearly identifying and explaining the affected anatomy using aids such as models and iPad apps
  5.  Performing of a bio-mechanical assessment and slow motion video running gait analysis.  This video is sent to you via an iOS or Android free application for your viewing and records
  6. An analysis of the slow motion video to explain to you the possible gait abnormalities that may or may not be contributing factors to your running injury
  7. Commencement of hands on treatment which may include soft tissue massage, dry needling, mobilising, manipulations, taping, padding and footwear modifications
  8. Commencement of foot and/or lower limb strength exercises
  9. A clearly outlined patient treatment plan given to you in a folder which also outlines your diagnosis, contributing factors, interventions and approximate time frames to recovery
  10. Providing you with your Running shoe formula and casual shoe recommendations
  11. A written referral for any scans that may be needed to clearly define your diagnosis


Working within Physiotherapy and Sports Medicine Clinics allows us to have a close working relationship with similar sports minded health practitioners whose primary goal is getting you back to your chosen activity/activities as soon as possible.    It is through these close relationships that our Podiatrists are lucky to be educated in the holistic approach to the treatment of running injuries.  We are also advantaged by being able to consult with the other health practitioners face to face on more complicated cases that require a team approach.